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Would you like to improve your teeth? If so, there are several treatments available. One of those is SureSmile.

How does SureSmile work?

SureSmile combines 3-D visualisation and robotic precision with the skill of your orthodontist.

To begin, your orthodontist takes a detailed image of your teeth, which becomes a three-dimensional image on a computer screen. Unlike conventional treatment, the on-screen picture provides a 360-degree view of your teeth, rather than just from the front. This view from all angles allows your orthodontist to make a detailed plan on how best to move your teeth.

Next, based on your orthodontist’s plan, SureSmile creates customised archwires, which will be inserted into the brackets on your teeth. And, using software, calculates the bends required to move your teeth in the most efficient and direct way.

About SureSmile archwires

With conventional treatment, orthodontists bend the archwires manually using pliers. By contrast, SureSmile archwires are made from a shape-memory alloy. So, rather than an orthodontist, a robot bends the wire to your unique specifications as individually setup by your orthodontist. The process is done at extremely high temperatures, which permanently imbeds your orthodontist’s instructions into the wire. When in your mouth, your body temperature activates the wire, and your teeth move in robotic precision along the most efficient path.

3 Benefits of SureSmile

So, what are some of the main benefits of SureSmile? Here are three:

1: Faster treatment time

These days, particularly in times of COVID, time is scarce. SureSmile is on average 29% faster than conventional treatment. So, you’ll require fewer visits to your orthodontist, which means you will need to take less time of work. SureSmile creates more efficiency and predictability in the new world we find ourselves in. Also, you’ll be able to return to normal oral hygiene habits quicker.

2: Less discomfort

The SureSmile system maximises the efficiency of each wire, which creates smoother movement and a more comfortable experience. Unlike conventional treatment, your orthodontist doesn’t need to take a mould of your teeth by inserting unpleasant Play-Dough-like paste into your mouth. And, also, fewer uncomfortable adjustments are necessary.

3: Know where you’re heading

SureSmile technology calculates and targets the exact position of your teeth. You will receive an upfront treatment plan, and you will know precisely what to expect from your results because you’ll be able to preview your new smile before your treatment is complete. This has become particularly important in current times. Because, even if there is a lockdown, we’ll know your teeth are moving to a pre-determined end point and will continue to do so with the super-elastic wires working on your teeth between appointments.

Is SureSmile right for you?

Everybody’s circumstances are different. So, to find out if SureSmile is the best treatment for you, talk to your orthodontist.

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